Cosplay Girls

Cosplay Girls

People who dress up in cosplay should be admired for their creativity, especially when they have handmade their costumes. Many other girls find themselves too self-conscious to be the characters they truly want to be, so we want to encourage all girls to realize that nobody expects them to live up to the unreasonable stereotypes found in drawn characters. It is possible to look amazing, even without being light enough to be pushed around by a light breeze.

Thankfully, I have found many amazing cosplay girls at conventions, and this is a collection of some of the best of them. Girls who cosplay should be admired for their awesomeness, and sometimes even for their sexiness (when desired). When I first began to wear costumes, it was an amazing experience, and sharing pictures of it has been one of my favorite past times. I've taken hundreds of pictures from cons, renaissance fairs, and other events.

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Colorfully fashionable picture.

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Vocaloid Cosplayer

Are you worried you don't know how to cosplay? It's relatively easy! All you need to have is a lot of determination and resolve to look your best. Having a strong passion for the character you choose is also important. Whichever girl you choose to cosplay, you want to know your character well. You'll know why certain fabrics will be better or look a certain way, and you will want to understand how your character moves and walks.

After that, it all comes down to the time and effort put in. Be sure to select the right fabrics, make-ups, and everything else you need.